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Welcome to CDS News. Here we will be posting articles of interest to anyone in the conference industry – from tips and tricks about public speaking and conference technology to ideas on audio visual equipment, event and conference production, conference video production, webcasts and promotional video’s.

stage hire sydney

Stage Hire Sydney and Melbourne

CDS Audio Visual are pleased to announce the launch of our latest product - the easiest Stage Hire Sydney and Melbourne have to offer. Find out more

5 (More) AV Tips to Help Plan Your Event

5 (More) Tips to help plan your AV and make your event run smoothly! Find out more

6 Tips for Recording a Meeting or Interview

When you need to record a meeting or record an interview you are faced with a number of challenges.  Here's 6 tips on how to get the most out of your recording. Find out more

“Hi, I’d like to hire a Microphone.”

Ask anyone in AV sales and they’ll tell you that "I'd Like To Hire A Microphone" is one of the most common opening questions from clients. But what about everything else on the other side of that microphone? These tips will help you [...] Find out more

5 Reasons Your Virtual Audience Disengages during your Livecast

Read on for the 5 most common issues that occur in a Livestream that result in an audience “switching off” (and some great advice on how to avoid them!) Find out more

Choosing a Conference or Event Venue That Meets The Event Needs

We have created this series of Conference and Event Venue planning articles to help you understand what different venue types can offer, how to identify the right type of venue for you and finally in the last installment we will share our recommended venues and why. Find out more

Enhance Your Event With Video Introductions

In the past, custom video production cost an arm and a leg, but not any more! CDS have developed a number of video introduction templates you can use to enhance the ... Find out more

5 Tips when Livecasting Events

Livecasting an event (or Webcasting as it “used” to be known) can appear relatively easy, but when not managed carefully ... Find out more

Lighting Design – Turning the Shows about to Start into Let’s get this show Started

You’ve been to your fair share of conferences as has most of your audience. We all expect a degree of simple theatrical lighting to create a general stage wash and to highlight the lectern position. Find out more

Training Video Production

Click here to read our Case Study on the production of a series of training video’s for POSM Solutions! If you are planning a similar event, or if you are facing technical challenges and want to explore creative options please contact us or call us on 1300 852 552! Find out more