A sample of our range of lighting products.

  • Lectern Lighting Kit

    Our Lectern Lighting Kit is the ideal solution to ensure your presenters look great, both in the room and on camera.  With appropriate lighting you avoid unsightly shadows cast by ceiling down-lighting and balance the look of the presenter with the brightness of the projecting screens. Using the latest LED technology, these lights draw minimal […]

  • Coloured LED Lighting

    Our PAR 64 LED Lights are a great way to enhance the stage or colour a room.  Brand the room with your corporate colours, or create a fun ‘party’ look.  Uplighting a black drape run can ‘lift’ an entire room and using DMX control systems its simply to change the colours from sessions to session […]

  • Moving Coloured LED Wash

    Our moving Coloured LED Wash lights can have a massive impact on your event.  With skilled programming by our engineers, these lights can enhance a dance floor, ‘dazzle’ the audience on awards night or simply uplight a black drape line – giving the room the ‘lift’ it needs to make the show. Using LED technology, these […]