Green Square Media Launch Event

Event:  Green Square Media Launch Event
Location:  Coffee Shop / Showroom, Green Square, Zetland NSW
Requirements: Audio Support for Speeches and Media with a ‘clean’ look.

What we delivered:
We were tasked with providing a high quality audio support for the media launch of the Green Square residential development.  The event took place in the brand new Coffee Shop / Retail Showroom for the complex and, as such, required a ‘clean’ look – minimal impact from cabling and audio visual equipment.

To achieve this we combined a few different pieces of equipment to create a ‘wireless lectern’.  As you can see from the images this small change had an impact on the overall ‘look’ of the event – allowing the decor and decoration of the venue to take centre place without any distracting wires or cables.

Our second solution was to use our newest audio mixer – the Behringer X-Air 16.  This mixer has no physical controls and is operated wirelessly from an iPad.  This allowed us to completely hide the audio visual equipment out of sight.  Our operator simply mingled with the audience, adjusting the levels and the quality of the audio without taking up space or intruding into the venue.  It also means that he was able to move around the room and ensure that every aspect was covered.

As always when there are camera’s involved it is essential that the lighting is just right.  Without proper theatrical lighting, standard overhead lights create unsightly shadows under the presenters eyes and nose.  We used our latest high tech LED profile lights.  Being based on LED technology they use very little electricity compared to the older, incandescent globes.  Also, these lights avoid tripping any fuses and don’t create a ‘buzzing’ sound the way older lighting dimmers do.

These great solutions ensured that the audience of around 50 senior VIP’s and guests received a high quality audio production without any unsightly distractions.  Of course, individual audio feeds were also provided to television and other media and we provided a back up recording of the audio as well.

It doesn’t matter how big or how small the show – if you need Audio Visual support for your next event please contact us or call us on 1300 852 552.

  • Wireless Lectern

    The clever combination of existing equipment allowed us to create the ‘wireless lectern’ to reduce the AV footprint and provide a clean, cable-less setup.

  • Presenting at Green Square 2

    Presenting at Green Square.

  • Presenting at Green Square

    Presenting at Green Square.

  • Wireless Audio Control

    Using our latest digital audio mixer, we can manage the audio at your event from anywhere in the room – reducing the AV ‘footprint’ on your event.