720p Projector

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Native Resolution:  WXGA (1280 x 800)

Brightness: 3,500 – 4,300 Lumens

Ratio:  4:3 / 16:9 / 16:10

Input:  HDMI, Composite Video & VGA

Note:  For small to medium sized audiences using modern laptops these projectors will give the best possible result for price.  This will work comfortably in general office flurescent lighting situations on a screen between 6 and 8 feet (1.8m – 2.4m) and 10 feet (3.0m) if the ambient lighting is slightly subdued – especially when higher resolutions are required such as playback of specially produced movies etc.

This product is best for when you need to hire a projector to play back high resolution (720p or above) or specific wide-screen content.

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